Leader in continuous cold mix plantes and cold continuous treatment

SAE's plants have been developed in line with road-building techniques since the early 1960s. Our plants have helped to build the majority of infrastructures in France (roads, motorways, airports, etc.), and also in other countries on all five continents.

For many years, quality, precision, processes and reliability have been the cornerstones of our expertise. 

The manufacture of granular products or their continuous treatment is the most economical solution on the market. Cold-mix techniques using hydraulic binders, or bituminous binders in the form of emulsion for example, are sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions characterised by a low carbon footprint.

The growing scarcity of natural resources and the resulting price rises have made the recycling and recovery of materials a key concern for the construction sectors (roads, dams, airport runways, pipe-laying, etc.) and quarrying industry. 

SAE's cold-mix plants are capable of satisfying every modern requirement, from the production of recombined aggregate and the manufacture of the most technically advanced dense cold-mix asphalt to the recovery and processing of local products.